Mall Stores Fashion Shows – Part 2

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This week we will be all about the fashion mall experience in Colombia. Colombia has grown in the last couple of year to become one of the most renown countries of Latin America in fashion.

All fashion shows we have for you today, are the product of the Colombia Moda 2015 Fashion Week.

To give you a better understanding of what Colombia Moda is, we extract this following excerpt from their own website;

“The passion for business, fashion trends and knowledge sharing are the three components of Colombia Moda, The Fashion Week of Colombia, an event city imposed within Latin America as representing the whole fashion system in the region.

Three-day fair that offer a complete trade show, accompanied by different platforms fashion so that you know the proposals of designers, and a space dedicated to conferences led by various strategists in the world. Three scenarios together with one purpose: to connect with different creative industries through experiences that make you vibrate and live the immensity of his world.”

You may find some of these stores in the majority of shopping malls in Colombia.


See following a collection of 5 videos;



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