Ankle Strap Sandals are Trending, But Are they Right for You?

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Ankle strap sandals are trending, but are they right for you? Since last spring it is impossible to walk into any shoe store and see no ankle strap sandal. Any shoe store would have a wide variety of ankle strap sandals. They are everywhere, making it almost impossible to find summery sandals without this feature. Don't get me wrong ankle straps are beautiful and if you have the right leg shape and length, you'll find your star in wearing them. They appeal to many people because they come in a good variation of styles; open toe, pointed toe, graphic print or platform. Ankle straps are perfect for the ladies with short, shaped and  long legs. Keep in mind that they are one of the sexiest shoe styles around, and they will make your legs look longer. Women overall love to emphasize their legs and ankle straps will make sure your legs look sexy and long!

Unfortunately if  you have thick legs, large ankles or calves, they may make your legs look heavier. This said I won't discourage you from wearing them, but you should be cautious which styles you choose to wear. Alternatively see our post "Go for Wedges they are hot!" to give you some examples of ankle strap styles that can be perfect for you.

Let start with some tips on how to wear ankle straps so you can look fabulous, girly and sexy.


Short girl or short leg?

The key in creating the illusion that your legs are longer lies in selecting the right style of ankle strap. A good way to increase your high is with a stiletto heels single ankle strap. Don’t go with the ankle straps with multiple strings. Avoid those when you have short legs or you are short in stature. The fewer the straps the better. Color also matter for the creation of the illusion. The nude heels are the best to do the trick. It will trick the eye by blending the leg with the shoe which will give the appearance of longer legs. This same trick counts for flats and any other type of heel types you want to wear. In case you think Stilettos are uncomfortable you can also go for block heels or platforms for more comfort.

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Long legs should wear?

If you already have long legs and you still want to make them longer. The same rule as above (short person) counts. The more skin you show, the better. It will help enhance height.

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Thick ankles or calves?

How can ladies with thick ankles or calves benefit from this trendy ankle strap? I am going to give you some tips that will give you the effect you desire, so you too can walk around in these trendy shoes.

Look for ankle straps that match your skin tone

As we mention before, in the case you are short legs or stature, look for ankle straps that match you skin tone. This is to create effect of a longer, slimmer leg line because the ankle strap will blend with the color of your skin..  You don’t have to get it exact. Just look for a color that is close enough to you skin tone.


Avoid all the styles that wrap too high on the ankles and are too thick

High wrapped straps will make your legs look thicker, and you will also run the risk of your ankles swelling after being on your feet for a long time. Image if your ankles swallow up. Image the effect that will create. In addition you will be better off choosing the thinner straps then thick. The less coverage you have the better.

Look for heels that aren’t too high.

Look for heels that are under 3.75 inch (9.5 cm). Actually lower than 3 inch (7.6) is better. The problem with ankle strap is that it can make your legs look shorter and thicker. What create this illusion is the horizontal straps, and if the heels are too high it will add to the effect of thickness. By choosing the a small heel it will make your leg look slimmer. Any type of heels will do the effect; block, wedges, pumps, they all will work if the heels remain small. As an recommendation choose a wedge or a block heel. They are the best to make your legs look beautiful, shaped and thin.


Your pants, dress or skirt height is important

When choosing your pants, dress or skirt make sure they are higher or lower than the widest point of you calves. Especially when you are wearing ankle straps it is important you do this.
If they land on the same high of your widest point of your calves, what will happen? Yes you are correct, it will make your legs look heavier.


Hope these simple tips will help you choose your perfect ankle strap and make you feel confident in you skin while going around your day. Confidence is matter your matter your weight. Be confident in who you are and you will always be beautiful and have lots of fun.

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