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I was searching for 3 types of shoes. One to use at work, since I can  wear reasonably casual shoes to work, the other one to wear with jeans and one shoe to wear when going out. This one had to be a bit edgy. The other thing was as well to find shoes that are not extremely high since I cannot wear shoes higher than 3 inches.


Whilst searching on the website I was looking at and, I came across a shoe on that looks like a shoe from the Valentino collection (yeah the designer himself!) at a pretty good price. This one was black. Just what I was looking for since this one was edgy! I could wear it going out and going to work.


Than I went to my next shoe hunting adventure; a casual shoe for work purposes and a shoe to wear with Jeans. On cicihot I found this bordeaux red shoe with strings. This one was perfect for work. I found next to the red shoe a dark shoe to wear with jeans. This one was a peep toe shoe. Bang! I placed the order for these two shoes as well.


Order placing & price:

Wine red shoe (Wine Faux Suede Cut Out Lace Up Chunky Heels Color) with strings was USD 40.99, the Valentino look-a-like shoe ( Good Sole Studded T-Strap Heels BLACK) was USD 23.87 and the peep toe shoe to wear with my Jeans ( Blue Faux Suede Sling Back Chunky Peep Toe Heels Color) was USD 18.99.


Wine Faux Suede Cut Out Lace Up Chunky Heels


Good Sole Studded T-Strap Heels


Blue Faux Suede Sling Back Chunky Peep Toe Heels


The order placing was easy and I paid by credit card.  After the order was placed a confirmation was sent with an invoice to my email address.

Receipt of shoes: All three shoes arrived after 2 weeks in good conditions.


Expectations met yes or no: Were my expectations met? Well for the Valentino look-a-like shoe and the Wine red shoe it was. Since the picture of the website and the reality was the same.



For the blue peep toe shoe I thought it would have a more velvety dark look but upon arrival the blue was lighter then I expected and the material was more jeans like. Not too bad since I was planning to wear it with jeans but my expectations were different. Actually this was more a lesson learned experienced, because if I had used the zoom-in option I would have see the jeans material.



Shoe experience: All the 3 shoes were comfortable. The Valentino look-a-like is a bit tight at the front. Lesson learned for next order is buy one-size bigger from . I knew from reading the reviews that I was suppose to order shoes (from them) at least one size bigger that I normally use, with the result that the shoes fit very comfortably. The one that felt a bit high was the blue peep toe shoe but I will see how I will manage. And the bordeaux red shoe is perfect. It fits perfect and the height is comfortable to me.


Would I recommend buying from and Yes, I definitely recommend buying shoes from them. I am very happy with my purchase. The only downsize is the waiting, but if you can wait 15-20 days to get you order, it is definitely worth the wait. The advantage you have from buying online is the huge portfolio and the chance to find shoes you won't find in you vicinity.

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