It’s ridiculous, can you believe coconut water has that many health benefits?

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The other day I was driving down Caracasbaaiweg, and I stopped to buy some stuff at a shop. While leaving, I saw this place that sell refreshment drinks and I decided to buy some coconut water. It has been a long time since I drank the real thing. I have been drinking the commercialize coconut water last couple of months, and I totally forgot about the heavenly taste of a good natural coconut water. So I got to the counter and asked for a cold coconut. They got it out of the fridge and open it right there in front of me…gave me the straw….I had a sip….and……and………and my taste buds almost exploded with joy. I almost had an orgasm of the incredible sweet coconut taste. I drank the whole thing in one big sip. What happen next? I ask for another one, because it was too good to waste the opportunity to have only one.

The fact is coconut (the real one) not only taste good, but it has many health benefits. I am going to state some reasons why we should drink more coconut water on a more regular bases.

1. Good for people that are into sports and working out

If you are into sports, it is a good source of mineral after or during your workout. Coconut is called by some the “nature’s Gatorade”. This because it is a natural isotonic drink that provides many of the same benefits as formulated sports drinks, including the electrolytes calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, but in their natural form.

2. It strengthen you immune system

Daily consumption of coconut water has the ability to strengthen your immune system. It also has the ability to remove bacteria in the body that causes gum disease and urinary tract infections. Coconut water combats viruses that cause you to catch a cold, typhus or infectious diseases. Even during cold season, you find your health is exceptional.

3. May help losing weight

Unlike plain water, coconut water is not entirely calorie-free, but at 42 calories per serving (240g) it’s still a pretty low-calorie drink. The fat content in coconut water is also extremely low, so generous quantities can be consumed without the fear of immediately packing on the pounds. It also suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full because of its rich nature. This makes it an awesome replacement for any one of your regular, sugar-sweetened drinks and when used like this, coconut water can help you reach your weight loss goals.

While coconut water is the water taken from young, green/orange coconuts, coconut milk comes from more mature coconuts and comes from the flesh of the coconut.  While both have healthy qualities when incorporated wisely into your diet, coconut milk contains a higher content of fat (from 5% to 20%) and can come in various grades, from thick to thin.

4. Gives you more energy

Coconut water enhances the thyroid gland hormones, which gives you an energy boost at a cellular level. After a week of consuming coconut water consistently, you may just see a spring in your step that wasn’t there before.

5. May help slow down the ageing process

Fans say coconut water can promote smoother, more youthful-looking skin. They claim it’s a natural source of cytokinins, a group of plant growth hormones that help regulate cell growth, development and ageing. Rich in  potassium, antioxidants and lauric acid, cytokinins are said to balance pH levels, strengthen and hydrate connective tissues and even reduce the risk of age-related diseases. Dab it onto skin and you may also reduce acne, cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. But some nutritionists may agree that no scientific studies back any of this up.


6. Improvement in your digestive system and dissolves stomach upset

Coconut water is excellent for the digestive system as it gives us a lot of our daily requirements for fiber. It’s not always easy to obtain the amount of fiber per day that your body requires. When you consistently drink coconut water for a week, you’ll find yourself becoming more, ahem… regular. When gastric acid is eliminated regularly, you’ll have a lot more energy because the body is able to run at an optimum level.

7. It’s almost as good as a blood transfusion

According to the UN, coconut water’s chemical profile is so similar to blood plasma it has been used intravenously to save lives in developing countries and during World War II. In the Pacific, it was siphoned  directly from the nut to provide emergency transfusions for wounded soldiers. It is also used as a home remedy for dehydration-related ailments such as cholera and gastroenteritis, although a West Indian study warned against using it in severe cases.

8. May relieve Certain Types of Headaches For Good

If you’ve suffered from headaches, you know how terrible they can be. Coconut water can be used as a means of hydrating yourself properly and subsequently preventing headaches daily. Coconut water may be the answer if your headaches have something to do with hypertension or dehydration.

If you’re suffering from headaches due to dehydration, it’s because you’ve lost essential fluids. This may have happened due to physical activities when you lost too much fluid or perhaps you have a hangover. Coconut water is a headache-solver, in most cases, due to it being a natural elixir packed with electrolyte-balancing nutrients. Through drinking coconut water you’ll regain the fluids that you’ve lost, putting you back on the mend quickly.

9. You will notice a more radiant skin.

One cup of coconut water will ensure that your skin is radiant thanks to the incredible effects of hydration. Skin, of course, is the largest organ in the body and if you’re not hydrated, your skin suffers greatly. If you consistently drink coconut water daily, your skin will see noticeable improvements. By adding coconut water to mineral water, you’ll find yourself drinking more fluids and getting maximum hydration. Positive effects are seen throughout the body but the skin may take some time to shine.


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P.S. I bought the coconut at WMPidierei Coco, Caracasbaaiweg, Curaçao for ANG. 3,00.

After drinking the water, do me a favor and ask them to cut the coconut in two so you can eat the flesh. That is yummy too!!

They have other stuff like coconut shake and many more.  Ask for Miriam.

        WMPidie Rei CocoWMPidierei Coco

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